We FENCEMEN are team of concern doing different activities such as fence machine manufacture, labour training, quality raw material supply, fence manufacturing, marketing, installation fence project work, account and financial auditing, joining together to establish a corporate activity of FENCING which includes wire fencing, welded mesh fencing and ready made compound wall fencing. So all call us as FENCEMEN.

It is an endless expanding process because anybody having any of such infrastructures can join with us as franchise partners. The entire process is aimed at ultimate trusted satisfaction of end consumer with specified quality and needed material supply and installing services.


Our Organization’s growth is based on partners team work to achieve our vision of End consumer satisfaction orientation. We are trying our best in giving Fence product knowledge to end consumers and by our transparency in policy.


We are very loyal in offering correct material for correct price to our customers and wide range of raw material and finished products with proper specifications and lab test reports.

We don’t believe in large chain link manufacturing infrastructure, automation and cheap raw material but we do have faith in quality raw material and service with simple manufacturing method. Because only the product with suitable raw material is reaching the end consumer and not the extravagant infrastructures. We want to serve with our franchisee partners, who are professional chain link fencing people, say FENCEMEN.

Brand name without product specification is useless for consumers. Our packing slip will bear the raw material specification and product specifications. We can strongly say our Higher GSM and ISI wire chain link fencing will last long.